Status Updates: 

Late last year I attended Protospiel Madison and tested out Baked. I received some really great feedback and some wonderful ideas for the game. I am currently testing some radical changes with the goal of streamlining the game (making it shorter) and emphasizing the fun parts (building awesome recipes). No idea at this point on when it will be ready…I would say it will be ready when its ready.

Baked is currently under development and is not yet available. I am sharing it here primarily because I have submitted it to the Big Box Challenge contest on The Game Crafter. I hope to publish the final version of Baked later this year.

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Baked is a resource management game where you compete to build the biggest baking empire!

Welcome to Baked, a resource management game where players take on the role of a lead baker seeking to build the biggest baking empire! Players compete by acquiring new recipes, expanding their production and racing to complete customer orders for victory points. Each game the order requirements and modifiers change ensuring that no two games are exactly the same. The player with the most victory points wins!

Players begin the game with two recipes that allow them to produce a small amount of goods. Over time players will expand their bakery allowing them to fulfill customer orders.

Each game there are five customer orders that players compete to fulfill. Doing so earns players victory points and extra revenue to accelerate their growth.

The game ends when the final order has been satisfied. Total up the victory points for each player to determine the winner!

Baked is a thematic game targeted at casual gamers. The core focus is on engine building and has an easy to understand flow. Turns are tight and fast with clear choices. It has very mild “take that” mechanics that enable players to manipulate their position in the game. Baked isn’t a brain burner, but does allow for meaningful choices and multiple routes to victory.

– 1 Market Place Mat
– 30 Recipe Tiles
– 43 Bakery Upgrade Tiles
– 10 Customer Order Cards
– 28 Actions Cards
– 20 Player tokens (5 of each color)
– 100 Ingredient Cubes
– 95 Money Tokens
– 1 Rule Book

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