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  • 4/1/2018 – Entered into the Escape Room contest on TGC. Due to a low number of entries it jumped straight to finals.


A hacker themed, worker placement, engine building, escape room style co-op game.

You are a member of a team of hackers that can’t resist a good challenge. There has always been this one system your team wanted to hack, in fact, this one system is widely known as being the most unhackable. But every system has its weakness. Most often, this weakness can be found in the humans that set up and create the security systems. Your team has finally identified a crack in this impenetrable armor. It turns out that the security system was created by a single person obsessed with puzzles; so much so that the encryption key needed to crack the system is based on a common puzzle called a Suguru, these are very similar to a sudoku and easily solved.

Your team’s goal is to hack the system, steal all the data and escape before you are caught. To accomplish this your team will use all the hacking methods, skills and tricks you can gather. The key is to not get caught. You will have to dodge intrusion detection and traces all seeking to catch you in the act.

Turn Overview

Each turn consists of the following.

  • You may play any number of blue hack cards.
  • You must place a single processor on the action mat.
  • You may play any number of hack cards of one color (red, yellow, green or purple).