My son and I setting up Heroscape (including his awesome Lego sign)

Hello, my name is Patrick McNeil. I am a User Experience Architect in the wonderful world of the web. My job is to research how people work with computers in order to design better software. Much of my focus is on enhancing the efficiency of internal applications and adding value to business through improved workflows. I frequently speak at design conferences about various web design and UX related topics. And over the years I have written quite a lot about web design, including 6 books on web design (and I am writing a new UX book now).

In the gaming world I am a lifetime gamer. I made my way through the 80s playing the original Axis and Allies, Hero Quest and just about any game I could get my hands on. We were also absorbed into many RPGs such as Star Frontiers, Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERPS), CARS, Gangbusters and many more. I have a particular obsession with Heroscape, a game that is no longer made. I happen to have accumulated an almost complete set (only missing that darn Agent Skahen). My current strategy for picking games is to pick games my son can play (currently 11). I am working to train him up to much more sophisticated games!

Finally, this brings me to McMeeple.com. I am very interested in designing games, building customization’s for games and researching how people play and enjoy games. I have dabbled in it a bit, but I have struggled to produce anything worth playing. I will get there in time of course. Along the way I have been reading a lot and learning all I can. I have discovered over the years that one of the best ways to understand something is to study it and write about it. The process of writing, dissecting, explaining and so on leads to greater understanding. And this is essentially my mission here on mcmeeple.com.

My particular vision is that I will explore how UX Design research methods can be applied to the wonderful world of game design. This, in theory, can be my contribution to the community. And hopefully along the way I can cultivate my own skills at game design and finally begin producing games and gaming components that I can be proud to complete and share with the world.