Crazy Unicorns

This last summer the family was camping (or glamping as some call it since we have a camper). We play a lot of uno on these trips and this one was no different. Maizy’s favorite cards are the “take that” cards. But in her opinion there should be more of them! Thus was born the idea for Crazy Unicorns…make a game where every card is like that. I wrote this blog post to capture a bit of the experience and to collect the videos we made.

Teaching Maziy the design process was a lot of fun. Her biggest struggle early on was accepting that some ideas come and go. We might love an idea we have, but then have to remove it when it doesn’t work. Slowly she accepted this and became quite good at it

Interestingly there was one card, It’s My Birthday, which I wanted to remove and she stood her ground. This card has the player draw 1 card for each player, then give 1 to each player. I felt this slowed the game down and wasn’t that interesting. She *loved* this card. She loved the ability to decide who gets what. To this day she will play this card even if it isn’t her “best” move. Who am I to say the card should go when clearly it resonates with the target audience so strongly. Interestingly, in watching people play it ocured to me that this card helps mill through the deck more quickly. And once you have gone through the deck you are guaranteed someone has the Poopalicious (a single 3 point card that is very coveted). At this point the game can turn into a hunt for that card. The designer in me realized that there was a really strong side effect to her favorite card which had a positive impact on game play. Something I wouldn’t have seen had I not observed it in play. Reminding me that you have to be careful of your assumptions and “expert opinion” when designing things.

We launched the game On Nov 1, 2019 as a crowd sale on The Game Crafter. In the end we sold 41 copies! Maizy and I were both thrilled with this results and look forward to sharing our game with our family and friends!

Here are the videos we made to promote the game.

How to play Crazy Unicorns

Unboxing our first, final copy of Crazy Unicorns.

Maizy talking about selling games and TGC.

Maizy shares the backstory to making Crazy Unicorns.

Finally, here is a thank you note that Maizy wrote to everyone that supported the Crowd Sale.

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