Custom Heroscape Terrain: Pizza Joint

AGrishnakh's Pizzas a long time fan of Heroscape I finally dove in and started creating my own custom terrain. I wanted to start creating the buidlings needed to augment the Heroclix TMNT figures that would be ported over to the Scape world. Naturally this began with a pizza joint. I have made progress off and on but the intent is to build a city for full on SuperScape (super hero based Heroscape in a city like setting)


The Pizza Shop in action

My design is based on Grishnakh’s custom buildings. My first step was to make something simple. So what works better in the TMNT world then a pizza shop! This tiny building is not only a nice extra to bring TMNT to Heroscape, but it’s also a tribute to Grishnakh; the designer that inspired this project.

This building is designed to be used in Heroscape. It is specifically sized such that it fits nicely onto the hex shaped spaces of Heroscape terrain. It is designed to be 6 hex pieces tall, or 1 story. I construct my buildings out of wood, but most people use foam core.

Download instructions and artwork on

Pizza Shop Glyph

Not only does this building decorate, but it brings a new function to the table. The building itself serves as a permanent glyph that figures can use to heal up.

PDF containing artwork and instructions

Download instructions and artwork on

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