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Welcome to the home of McMeeple Games. I am Patrick McNeil (AKA McMeeple) and I design and publish games via The Game Crafter. My two kids, Jack and Maizy, are game makers in training and have collaborated with me on a few creations. Check out our games below and add something new to your next game night!

Space Unicorns

Space Unicorns is a game for 2-4 players that plays in under 60 minutes. Players race to compete their rainbow and rule the galaxy!

Shields Up Engineering!

Two-player game that plays in 45-75 minutes. Sandbox style card game with a high level of complexity and "take-that" elements.


Quick game that can be played in 15 minutes. Plays 3-6 players. Features simultaneous play and "theory of mind." Quick to learn and quick to play.

Crazy Unicorns and The Magical Quest to Save the Fat Rhinos

2 to 5 players. Plays in under 30 minutes. Low level of complexity. Features simultaneous play.

Crazy Unicorns

2 to 4 players. Plays in 15-30 minutes. Low level of complexity; Moderate "take-that" elements and lots of player interaction.

Shields Up!

Best Seller!
Fast two-player game that plays in under 30 minutes. Moderate level of complexity; High level of "take-that" elements. Features multi use cards and a shared draw pile.

Connect the Dice

2-4 players. Plays in under 30 minutes. Moderate level of difficulty.

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